Friday, 14 December 2012

Music Video: Shots and Locations Update

After further detailing the plan for the music video I now have a few more locations to add to my plan...

* House (bed, stairs, front door)
* Gig setting (The Mars Bar?) with a crowd of people..
* Riverside setting
* Car
* Outside house setting
* Sofa and living room
* Shots of the two singers lit from behind the head, black background, miming the words.

Music Video: Rough Layout

0.00 – 0.21 :    A couple waking up and rushing around getting dressed, keys missing, very late for something… Driving in a car, arguments.

0.21 – 0.25 :    Long crane shot rising from the feet of the couple revealing the gig setting in front of them.

0.25 – 0.48 :    Performance shots of the band on stage with a very lively audience..
                       Close ups, long shots…
                        Interspersed with shots of the couple in the gig setting smiling and having fun

0.48 – 1.12 :    The couple at the riverside setting holding hands having fun, smiling laughing…

1.12 – 1.16 :    Couple running off into the distance along the river for the build up into the chorus.

1.16 – 1.42 :    More performance shots of the band without reusing the same shots.

1.42 – 1.58 :    Back to the couple, now arguing in a car on their way home and on their way into the house

1.58 – 2.23 :     the couple sat down on a sofa now relaxed and smiling watching tv…
                        Superimpose the two singers close up shots on top of the couple, only when they’re singing.

2.23 – 2.26 :    Build up to the chorus with their feet running up the stairs.. shot from the other side of the banister.

2.26 – 2.53 :    Chorus flips back to the performance shots in the gig space. Showing the crowd and the performance and persona of the band.

2.53 – 3.00 :    shot of the guitarist playing the solo on guitar.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Music Video: Costumes and Props

The costumes for the band will be pretty similar to their normal clothing as this is part of their star image and persona. Their props will include all their instruments and all these things they can provide for the performance based part of the video.

For two actors, their costumes will also be pretty much normal clothing, as they need to look like they are normal people. I will also need probs like, keys, car, drink...

Music Video: Possible Locations

For the start of the video, I will need a house setting for the couple to begin in. This will be a room at my house.
Also for the couple I need a car setting, I can also provide this with my car.
I have also been in contact with the Mars Bar in Worcester about using their performing space and having an audience in. They said that was fine, and the band also agreed that this would be a good idea and they can get their followers and friends and family to come along to be part of the audience, this is something the band has done before and they said that it worked very well.
Also for one another scene with the couple I want to use the side of the river in Worcester at night this will be fine as no permission is needed for this.

Music Video: Concept Update

At the photoshoot for the print production work, I also had chance to speak to the band about what the song meant to them. This was important because the band input is vital to the video. They said that they feel the song is about a journey to a better place. That is where my idea for the couple still works, at the beginning they will be arguing, not getting along and doubting their future. But throughout the video the journey they take will prove that they still mean something to each other.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


The photo shoot yesterday went very well, I am now currently editing the photos and adding them to my advert and digipack.